The Law of Attraction Teacher Certification

This program is an opportunity to grow spiritually and contribute to the awakening on the planet and help people become aware of the most powerful Law in the Universe: The Law of Attraction. When they use this, they not only use it to create the life of their dreams but also they evolve from the place where they are at. As you help others create the life of their dreams, you also create the life of your dreams in this process and become an expert manifestor and practitioner of the Law of Attraction.

This is not merely a ‘certification’ program, but an opportunity for the ‘inner transformational growth’, that inspires and awakens the teacher that you truly are and helps you go through this process of inner reflection and you grow by using the powerful tools that will enable you to assist yourself and others in lighting that spark of divine created potentials in them.

When I was inspired to become an LOA Teacher to begin my journey with, the first thought was – what an opportunity to walk the path towards self-empowerment and to guide those by my example who are in darkness and are struggling, since I’ve struggled for so long years myself and how best could I help more of myself and others? And that is when the movement began.

A Certified Law of Attraction Teacher is qualified to teach and practice the principles & applications of the Law of Attraction.

*Frequency of LOA Teacher Training:

The Teacher Training will happen just once every year. Next TT in August 2022.*

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