Law of Attraction Advanced

A life changing opportunity to empower yourself with the eternal *Laws of the Universe* on which this planet is based and use them to your advantage to become the DELIBERATE Creator of your life experience.
As a part of this workshop you will:

1. Expand your mindset and learn *advanced techniques* to use the LAW OF ATTRACTION – the most powerful Law in the UNIVERSE- consciously and consistently, to attract the BIG THINGS that you always wanted into your life now.

2. Become aware of the 3 Laws of Attraction and their Co-relation and become aware of the works and teachings of the teacher Abraham in a very simple and easy manner.

3. Take home a new expanded understanding of the Law of Attraction and who-you-really-are.

4. Understand what you are doing on this planet in this time-space reality and connect with your spirit and to your life purpose.

5. Get into the*vortex* and in a state of allowing all that you want will come to you.
In these 2 days you will uncover your ‘consciously hidden’ belief system and thought patterns subconsciously operating in your life and let them go and consciously REPROGRAM your subconscious mind. These 2 days are going to be an essentially a profound ‘unlearning’ and ‘relearning’ experience, a deep inner alignment and what you will fondly remember as your most powerful spiritual experience by far!

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