Kids and Teen Workshop

This workshop is one of its Kind, based on the principles of Law of Attraction.
When a human is born, they’re already filled with an intuitive knowledge of centuries and centuries of people beforehand. A child has wisdom. Their cells have wisdom. If we listen to that wisdom, it’s very instructive. Eventually this natural instinct in the children has diminished due to many reasons.
Children usually live by Law of Attraction until they begin to communicate and are told by others what is right and what is wrong for them. They forget they have the power to create their life and learn a lot of self- limiting beliefs.
This workshop is a way to help children reignite their connection with their inner qualities.
Benefits of the workshop – Children learn:

    Lean the art of paying attention to their thoughts.
    Learn healthy feelings and expression of their emotions.
    Learn healthy belief systems.
    Learning the art of positive self- talk
    Learning the power of conscious choice
    Through meditation activity children learn to connect to their Inner self
    Through Gratitude Session, Children learn on the magical Key of being in Gratitude helps them to achieve things in life.

What does workshop offer-
– Fun tasks to have an easy understanding of Law of Attraction
- Mindfulness practices
- Simple and yet powerful visualisation techniques to help their Goals in life.
– Q&A session
Open for the children from 10years- 16 years.
Venue – In Person / Online

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