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Meditation is an Ocean. I am happy that Sampath has ventured to find the depth. I appreciate her dedication and commitment towards creating a healthy and peaceful world without addiction of what so ever. She has greatly influenced the readers to rediscover and use their maximum potential of hidden creative powers for personal well being and healing. Her ideas are strikingly powerful and enormously practical. It shows us how we can love our instinctive abilities to come out of stress and frustrations so that we become better successful individuals by discovering a radically new way of understanding ourselves. Such great ideas come only from the most influential and brilliant thinker on Meditation and social issues.

As a Professor and her mentor I whole heartedly applaud her clarity and orientation of this informative piece of writing which elucidates much useful and practical methods of relaxation technique and unleash your mental powers to give you virtual guidelines for gaining harmonious relationships the bonds of love. This comprehensive analysis shall no doubt create a social and psychological revolution. This volume contains few remarkable revelations about Sampath’s own life too. I wish her every success in all her future endeavours.

Have known Sampath from my school days and to reconnect at our school alumni function was actually bringing back those memories. She was known for being a mutlti faceted, talented and bright kid who excelled at dance, arts, music, drama, singing and extracurricular activities. She was a constant presence at much school function with her performances during our school days. Now to review her work is a privilege and she has written a topic which is close to my heart which is meditation and personal growth. She has done a good job of bringing out her personal story connected with the topic which is anecdotal and cathartic even to a casual reader. She has spruced her work with instances from her personal life to help one connect with these topics with a story. Writing about ones trials and tribulations in life involves spilling ones guts out.

She has indeed spilled her guts out on more than one occasion in the book which helps connect the topic with the readers. To see her as a story teller cum being an alchemist in people’s lives as she has being doing many workshops transforming many lives along the way.

Just as an alchemist transforms base metal into gold she has now donned the role of transforming base emotions of people into elevated thoughts. Wishing her God speed and much success as she touches many many lives which is a noble endeavor. Our lives have become stress filled due to many factors in the modern age and now pointing people towards meditation and self awareness which is quintessentially our birth right.

With this book she has provided the steps on how to claim it and to make it part of our lives and be successful in a wholesome way.

Sampath wanted to be a teacher to transform the lives of children. The Universe called her to become a Life Coach to show the path of Law of Attraction to hundreds of Souls. Now the Universe has called her to touch thousands of Souls by becoming an Author. She responded promptly and her response has blossomed into the present book, “The Doorway to your Dreams” – Meditation to Manifestation. God Bless Her!
The book with Nine Chapters is really a grand Feast to the Soul. It is just like a Spiritual Master taking us for a ride with her to Heaven. In Jack Canfield’s words the book is really a Chicken Soup to the Soul or rather Heavenly Food to the Soul.
In the First Chapter, she builds a rapport with the readers by revealing herself and her journey as a teacher and author.
In the Second Chapter she explains how we are all victims of victims. But her good news to us us is that we need not suffer like victims throughout our Life but wake up and become Victorious in our Life through the path of Meditation.
In the other seven chapters she guides us smoothly to understand Spirituality through Science; how we can listen the InnerVoice; how we can find answers for Spirital Quest within ourselves through Meditation and how we can Manifest through Meditation.
The Seventh Chapter, “Changing our Beliefs through Subliminal Meditation” is the crown of the whole book. It is highly innovative and original. It can change the programme scripted in our sub-conscious mind.
The Eighth and Ninth Chapters take us to new heights from where we feel like Legacy Creators.
On the whole the book is not like other books on meditation. The author has poured out her heart and soul into this Masterpiece.
This book is a must for every aspiring Soul and it must adorn the library of every Home!

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